Is it worth rendering my property?

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You can head into any City, town or village in Britain and you will see a variety of different house types. The houses you see will be finished in a variety of different ways. Some will be left as brick or stone, whilst others will have been rendered in a number of different ways.

Some will be rendered with sand and cement, some with more modern materials like silicone render, here we look at why you might render your home..

Reason 1 – Damp

One of the main reasons for people rendering their homes is to deal with the wind driven rain and subsequent damp problems we suffer in Britain. With Britain sitting in the path of the gulf stream, warm moist air is driven over land from the Atlantic which can affect homes over a long period.

Water penetrates through solid stone and cavity style properties which have sub-standard insulation. Applying render, especially modern renders like a silicone enhanced render adds a protective layer or coating to the outside of houses which help to stop this penetrating water getting through to the inside of the wall. If you are considering rendering your home and have existing damp problems then specialist advise should be sought.

Reason 2 – Make your house warmer

Render can have its own small insulating influence where it adds an extra layer to the property and by helping to remove moisture from the walls it help to slow down the transference of heat through the wall.

You may also consider External Wall Insulation as a solution to your home. External Wall Insulation or EWI is an insulation product which is applied to the outside of a house complete with a render finish.

Although it is more expensive than rendering, it becomes more affordable given that the Government has a 5% VAT rate on energy efficiency products which helps to keep prices affordable for homeowners.

The property benefits from decreased energy bills over the lifetime of the product which long term can be offset against the price of the works

Reason 3 – How good does your property look?

Most people choose to render their tired looking homes because they are run down and in need of some TLC. Properties may still have brickwork on show and customers want a more modern looking finish to their homes

Old fashioned pebbledash/spar or roughcast finished can hinder price increases of a properties value and by applying a smooth render finish it can look fresh, modern and of course increase the price of a house

So should I render my house?

As we have seen from the above, rendering your home can be considered for a variety of different reasons. People choose to install it for defective reasons or just because it looks great. Whatever the reason for considering it, we recommend you choose an installer that is professional in its approach to your most prized asset..

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