External finish considerations

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Considerations you should make before deciding on what type of external finish your home should have

There are several things that can affect your choices when it comes to deciding on your home’s external finish. Knowing what these are will help you determine the best solution. Whether it comes down to cost or aesthetics, understanding your options will help you decide which factors are the most important. These should include:

  • Your existing substrate  – Whatever finish you decide on, it needs to adhere to the existing finish of the property. This is of particular importance when using a render, as adhesion varies dependent on the types of render used.
  • When was your house built? – Dependent on when your house was built, the type of substrate will be significantly different. Older properties may require additional time spent preparing the substrate and may also require ongoing care.
  • Colours and Finishes – You’re probably most concerned about these factors. Unless your house is listed, you’re going to spend the most time choosing a colour and finish, seeing as it’s this you will see on an ongoing basis. Choosing an inappropriate colour or finish could end up in disappointing results for you and your neighbours!

Render finishes are popular because they achieve an attractive and weatherproof finish at the cheapest price point. Stone and brickwork, which although attractive, can be more costly to keep attractive and weatherproof. Damaged or cracked walls are also easily rectified by a render solution. In some cases it’s even possible to use render systems to recover stone and brickwork.

In future posts, we will discuss the different types of render solutions available on the market, and provide useful help in determining colours and finishes.